University degli Studi Basilicata

The “Dipartimento delle Culture Europee e del Mediterraneo: Architettura, Ambiente, Patrimoni Colturali (DiCEM) of the University of Basilicata in Italy,  is a research institution with activities covering plant physiology, ecology, landscaping and production of agricultural crops, environmental resources conservation. Research activities take place at field and laboratories.


About 40 scientists are involved in research and teaching activity dealing with: fruit growing and viticulture, soil chemistry, vegetable crop and ornamental plants, urban and agroecosystems.

The DICEM has qualified expertise in:

  • Soil erosion processes related to system management: tillage, cover crops and organic carbon recycling in olive orchard;

  • water and carbon balance of olive orchard systems;

  • CO2 soil emissions measurements and NPP-NEP assessment;

  • soil organic matter characterisation and management related to the use of pruning material and cover crops in olive orchard;

  • soil quality evaluation and conservation;

DICEM team has a sound research experience in the relationships existing between soil and plant nutrition, water management, sustainable agricultural techniques, and physiology of tree crops (in particular, olive tree). Furthermore, it has a long experience in managing European and National projects and has a wide expertise in organization and coordination.



Contact person: Prof. Cristos Xiloyannis

Address: Via N. Sauro, 85, 85100 Potenza, Italy

Tel : +39 08351971425

Fax : +39 08351971441


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