The Project

General Information

Duration: 16.07.2015 – 28.06.2019


 Total project budget: 1,931,447 Euro

EU financial contribution: 1,158,868 Euro (60%)


The LIFE CLIMATREE project is co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of the Programme LIFE Climate Change Mitigation.


According to the Decision No 121.5/2017 of the Green Fund of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy part of the approved budget of the LIFE CLIMATREE project will be co-funded by own funds of the Green Fund.


The LIFE CLIMATREE project aims to contribute towards the development of a novel methodology and an innovative tool for the quantification of carbon storage in permanent tree-crops.


 Actions and means

The LIFE CLIMATREE action plan includes:

  • Analysis of project outputs’ potential for replicability and transferability

  • Identification and engagement of key stakeholders in order to facilitate integration and mainstreaming of project results

  • Preparation for the efficient use of LIFE CLIMATREE’s outcomes and development of a sustainability plan

  • Facilitation of applicability through targeted audience and relevant end users


The integration of the project’s results through the developed toolbox is aimed to be incorporated in the policy and strategy design processes, leading to new suggestions for improving national and EU agricultural policies. The developed toolbox will be designed in a user friendly interface for its best applicability by all relevant users.


Beneficiaries will proceed to necessary actions in order to establish engagement with key stakeholders that will lead to a fruitful collaboration. This will be achieved through regular contacts and updates regarding project’s outputs and progress. The consultation of relevant stakeholders is of outmost importance for the sustainability of the action plan as it ensures future exploitation of the project’s outcomes and contributes towards the achievement of climate change mitigation goals. Specifically, beneficiaries will demonstrate project results to EU, national and regional stakeholders at all levels of decision making.


In addition, LIFE CLIMATREE’s dissemination plan aims to promote the exploitation of the developed toolbox through its availability via a user friendly web tool, accompanied by guidelines of the methodological approach, best practices and examples from its pilot implementation, user guides and modules.


The presentation of project results in International Conferences, inside and outside EU, aims at increasing the toolbox’s potential for implementation in the global climate change agenda.


Stakeholders from international organizational level will be invited to LIFE CLIMATREE’s workshop for a consultation and discussion of the proposed climate change mitigation practices.

Expected results

The main expected results of LIFE CLIMATREE are: 

1. The Development of a new methodology for the       accounting of carbon storage from permanent           tree crops
2. The Demonstration of best tree-crop practices         towards the increase of carbon sink and their           related socioeconomic benefit
3. The Development of a guide for the suggestion of     climate change mitigation policies and their               incorporation into CAP
4. The Estimation of carbon balance of tree-                 ecosystem for the future years
5. The Development of a software application for         accounting tree-crop carbon sequestration
6. The Evaluation of the economic benefits arising       from tree crops sequestration