The AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS (AUA) was founded on 1920, with main objective to provide education and research in all fields of Agricultural Sciences.

The participating in CLIMATREE project AUA research team is headed by the Professor of Chemistry Serkos Haroutounian of the laboratory of “Nutritional Physiology and Feeding” of the Faculty of "Animal Sciences and Aquaculture", which is activated in the following research disciplines:


• Exploitation of Natural Products (isolation-study of endemic plants of the Greek flora)

• Environment-Climate Change-Green Growth (management of agricultural processes and industries byproducts-wastes, mitigation of climate change impacts)

• Quality and Certification of Agricultural Products and Foods (study-characteristics determination and certification of traditional Greek agricultural products and foodstuffs)

• Foods (development-production of new functional foods)

• Biomedical Research (control of angiogenesis, treatment of estrogen-dependent diseases)


Contact Information of Scientific Coordinator:

Serkos A. Haroutounian, Professor

Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding

Faculty of Animal Sciences and Aquaculture

School of Rural Production, Infrastructure and Environment

Agricultural University of Athens 

Address: Iera Odos 75, Athens 11855

Tel: +30 201 529 4247 or 6 (offfice), +30 210 529 4457 (laboratory)

Fax: +30 210 529 4457


Web page: